What is concrete grinding?

Let’s first clarify concrete grinding. This process uses diamond-tipped equipment to remove a thin surface layer of concrete. It gives your floor a new start.

Stellar Surfaces has been working with concrete for more than 15 years. 

We’ve seen concrete grinding revitalize spaces first-hand. It doesn’t only remove imperfections, it opens up new possibilities.

The Benefits of Grinding Your Concrete

Close-up of a worn concrete floor in need of grind and seal treatment at Disneyland Resort IT Center in Anaheim.
Concrete floor glow-up! ✨ See the amazing difference concrete resurfacing can make.

Have you ever felt a concrete floor like a mini-mountain range when you walked over it? 

Concrete grinding can fix this problem. 

It smooths out high spots, and creates an even, uniform surface.

The amount of money removed depends on a number of factors

  • Your concrete’s hardness
  • The diamond tooling used
  • Time spent on the floor

A small planetary grinding machine can remove about 1/16″ of material in 1-2 passes. 

A heavier grinder with aggressive tools can remove up to 1/8″. 

Remember that grinding is more about refining existing concrete than removing large amounts.

Industrial 20,000 sqft Grind & Seal | Placentia CA

Preparing for new finishes

Are you planning to apply a new flooring or coating? 

Grinding creates the perfect foundation. 

Grinding is essential for better adhesion, whether you are applying epoxy flooring or trying to achieve a polished concrete finish.

Remove Stubborn Stains

Concrete surfaces are often plagued by persistent stains. 

Concrete grinding can remove these unsightly stains, giving your floor an entirely new look. It’s almost like pressing a reset button on the look of your concrete.

Improved Traction Enhances Safety

Slippery floors are a serious risk. 

Grinding creates a surface with a texture that increases traction and reduces accidents. This process does not just improve the appearance of the floor – it also creates a safe environment for all users.

Boosting Durability

It’s surprising that grinding can actually strengthen concrete. 

By removing the weak surface layers to reveal the stronger concrete underneath, you can create a floor that is more durable and resistant to wear.

Providing Long-Term Cost-Effectiveness

Concrete grinding is a costly process. 

Consider the long-term advantages. 

A well-maintained floor can last longer, require fewer repairs and even increase the value of your property. This is an investment that will pay off over time.

Concrete Grinding vs. Sealing and Polishing

You may wonder how grinding is related to other concrete treatments such as polishing and sealing. 

Here’s the breakdown:

Concrete Polishing: Grinding is the first step in the process of polishing. 

After grinding, we use finer abrasives in order to achieve a shiny, mirror-like surface. This is ideal for spaces that want a modern, high-end look.

Sealing concrete: Sealing is often done after grinding. It protects the newly ground surface against stains and damage. 

Stellar Surfaces offers both scrub-and seal for new concrete as well as grind-and seal services for existing floors.

The Stellar Surfaces Benefit

You might ask yourself, “Can’t you just rent a grinder to do this yourself?” It’s possible to do it yourself, but professional help is recommended.

  1. Experience is important: Our team has experience working on projects from industrial warehouses up to mansions worth $30 million. We have the experience to deal with a variety of concrete conditions, and achieve optimal results.
  2. Advanced Equipment: We use the latest tools, such as Lavina machines and Metabo grinders. This allows us to work more efficiently and achieve superior results.
  3. Dust collection systems: Our equipment is equipped with dust collection systems that keep your workspace clean.
  4. Comprehensive Service: We provide a comprehensive service, from the initial assessment to the final polishing or sealing. You don’t have to coordinate multiple contractors.

The Final Word

Concrete grinding is more than just surface level improvements. It improves the functionality, safety and longevity of concrete surfaces. Concrete grinding can be a great way to improve your space, whether you’re dealing a worn-out, old floor or preparing it for a new coat.