Want to transform your dull concrete floor into stunning polished surfaces?

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This post will show you how Stellar Surfaces can create beautiful polished concrete floors with just six simple steps.

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Step 1: Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is the first step in achieving beautiful polished concrete floors.

Stellar Surfaces is a company that provides a wide range of services.

Start by cleaning the concrete surface thoroughly. This will remove any dirt, residues, or existing coatings that may interfere with the polishing procedure.

We then use our high-tech Lavina machine to grind the surface. We start with coarse diamond metal pad (30/40 PCD), and then move on to finer grits 60/80 PCD.

For those hard to reach corners and edges? We use the Metabo 7-inch Hand Grinder.

This will reveal a smooth surface, ready for polishing.

Pro tip: A proper surface preparation is essential. It’s essential for achieving the mirror-like finish that you desire.

Step 2: Concrete Grinding

After the surface has been prepared, the real transformation can begin.

Here’s what you can expect:

To begin the grinding process, we use our Lavina Elite L32E Grind/Polisher. This machine is a beast. It’s efficient, and it delivers consistent results.

We start with our coarsest diamond pads and work our way down to finer grits.

As we progress, our Ermator dust-containment system is used. This system keeps the air fresh and creates a safer work environment.

Remember: The grinding is where the magic happens. The goal is to reveal the natural beauty of concrete.

Step 3: Applying Concrete Hardener

This step is essential for achieving lasting, durable results.

Here’s what we do:

We use a concrete densifier of high quality. This penetrates deeply into the concrete and makes it harder and more resistant.

Ameripolish is used for this step. They are top-of-the line and deliver excellent results.

After application, we allow it to cure for the recommended period. This will ensure maximum penetration and effectiveness.

Don’t skip the step! This is what gives polished concrete such legendary durability.

Step 4: Polishing

We’re now getting to the real polishing.

Here’s how we work:

Start with our transitional resin pad. These pads bridge the gap between polishing and grinding.

Then we move onto our finer resin pad. This is why we use the Lavina resin system – it is the best on the market.

We use the finest pads (Lavina 2) for our premium polish finish. This is what gives your floor that mirror-like finish.

Throughout the entire process, we constantly check our work. We want to make sure that every square inch is treated with the Stellar Surfaces treatment.

Step 5: Staining Optional

Want to add color to your polished cement? We’ve got you covered.

Here’s a guide to interior staining.

We only use penetrating stains of high quality. These stains work with concrete, not against.

We can create custom colours to match your exact specifications.

After applying the stain to the concrete, we let it react before moving on with the final polishing step.

Remember: Staining your polished concrete floors is optional. However, it can give them a new dimension.

Step 6: Finishing touches

Now we’re on the home stretch. Here’s how to finish your new floor.

To bring out the final shine, we use a propane burner with a diamond hog-hair pad.

We apply a thin coat of guard product to our premium polish customers. This provides extra protection and enhances shine.

We complete a thorough inspection. We want to ensure that every inch of your flooring meets our high standards.


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Stellar Surfaces’ comprehensive guide on how to achieve beautiful polished concrete floors with just six simple steps.

We have over 15 years experience and have worked with clients such as Tesla and Rivian. We know how to turn dull concrete into beautiful, durable flooring.

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