Efficient floor demolition services for tile removal in Orange County.

Demolition and Floor Prep

Our Demolition and Floor Prep services ensure a clean slate for your new projects. We provide thorough surface preparation and safe demolition, setting the stage for successful installations and renovations.

Comprehensive Preparation: We handle everything from surface cleaning to profiling, ensuring optimal conditions for new installations.

At Stellar Surfaces, we prioritize safety and precision in all our prep and demolition projects. Using advanced equipment and techniques, our skilled team ensures that your site is perfectly prepared for the next phase of construction or renovation.

Safe and Efficient Demolition: Our team executes precise demolition, removing old materials safely and efficiently.
Floor demolition company in Orange County using specialized equipment for wood floor removal.

Benefits of Demolition & Floor Prep

Why Choose Demolition & Floor Prep?
Thorough Surface Preparation
Safe Demolition Practices
Efficient Project Turnaround
Minimal Disruption

Custom Destruction

Demolition Removal Options:
Thin Set
Glued Down Hardwood
Glued Down Carpet
Ceramic Tile
Epoxy Coating
Worker using a jackhammer for concrete demolition in a commercial space.

What does your demolition & floor Prep service include?

Our services include surface cleaning, profiling, and safe removal of old materials.

How do you ensure safety during demolition?

Our team follows strict safety protocols and uses advanced equipment to ensure a safe demolition process.

What kind of equipment do you use for demolition & floor Prep?

We use state-of-the-art equipment for efficient and precise preparation and demolition.

Are your services suitable for both residential and commercial projects?

Yes, we handle both residential and commercial prep and demolition projects.